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Reaching out to a registered sex offender

Denny Burk writes on his blog:

My good friend John Thweatt is a pastor in Pell City, Alabama. He recently wrote about his decision to reach out to a registered sex-offender who had moved into his neighborhood. He writes.

Either the Gospel is the “power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” or it isn’t. If I truly believed that the Gospel could not change anyone…if I truly believed that a living person sinned themselves beyond the reach of God then I would have to stop preaching. I believe in the power of the Gospel and I believe God can change anyone. If I believe that then I must also live that.

… At FBC we are going to welcome anyone who wants to come to hear the Gospel preached. We want anyone to come to hear the Word preached and to sing and worship with us. We want anyone to come and attend our Small Groups and to hear the Word taught. We want anyone and everyone to come because we know the Great Physician is here for the sick and the needy. That doesn’t mean certain sins will not have consequences.

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