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The key to racial reconciliation is relationship

From left: David Park, Bryan White, Chip Sweney, Tito Ruiz

In the latest episode of the God’s Revolution podcast, we’re talking with four men of different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds who are modeling a radically different approach to one of the most difficult issues facing our generation in the church: racial reconciliation. You will find their proof of concept in the love, joy, and laughter you hear in this episode.

We hope you will listen closely and decide to follow their model: Look around for someone God has placed in your circle — where you live, work, and play — and strike up a conversation that will give you an opportunity to listen to their story and ask questions to better help you understand what their life is like. Perhaps you’ll invite them to listen to this podcast with you as a way to start a deep conversation that opens the door to true friendship.

Listen to “The Four Hermanos: The key to racial reconciliation” by clicking here.

We must pursue racial healing and justice

What is it you don’t understand?

I don’t expect much of lost souls. We should not be surprised by animosity, violence, and corruption. But believers in Christ are brothers and sisters, regardless of superficial differences. We have no excuse for racial distinctions between us. We are not allowed to go our separate ways; God has assigned us to work together in his mission of reconciliation. We are obligated to pursue healing between us and must seek justice in our society.

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