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100 days of worship with the Underground Church


Seoul USA writes:

For one hundred days this fall, beginning September 23rd, the North Korean underground church will lead Christians around the world in worshiping God in the common places of life.

The common places are those places you spend time during the week — your homes, schools, workplaces, restaurants, parks, bus stops, etc. Not only are North Korean Christians persecuted for simply practicing their faith in the privacy of their own homes, many face imprisonment and possible execution for their small acts of faithfulness to God in the common places of their world. Expect opposition as you carry out this simple act of worship in the common places of your lives.

The North Korean underground church has remained faithful during the most dire of circumstances. Simply put, we have a lot to learn from North Korean Christians and the best way to learn from them is to imitate them. By participating in the “100 Days” we are living out our faith like them in similar places of worship.

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