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A different kind of back alley

Betsy Childs writes at The Gospel Coalition about a Birmingham, Alabama, abortion clinic where two women who had received substandard treatment were taken away in ambulances after being brought down the back stairs into the alley where a gurney waited beside the dumpster. An Alabama Department of Public Health investigation resulted in a shocking 76-page “report of deficiencies”:

new woman clinicJust this month, the governor of Alabama signed into law the Women’s Health and Safety Act. This new law requires that a physician must remain present at an abortion clinic until all of the patients are discharged.  It requires clinics to meet the same building code standards as an ambulatory surgical center. It requires that doctors who perform abortions in Alabama must have admitting privileges at a local hospital (something that Bruce E. Norman, the doctor present when the Vasopressin mistake was made, does not have).

A standard defense of Roe v. Wade is that women will have abortions whether they are legal or not. If they are legal, at least we can regulate them, the logic goes. But the same people who make this argument have protested the Women’s Health and Safety Act as a back-door effort to take away access to abortion. Planned Parenthood has gone on record as saying that the act (which, remember, requires doctors to remain present with their patients and admit them to the hospital when necessary) will not improve the health and safety of women. Clinic administrators argue that creating extra-wide doorways that can accommodate gurneys will place an undue financial burden on clinics, forcing them to close.

Sometime in early 2013, activity at the New Woman Clinic resumed. The clinic’s website advertising abortions had never been taken down. Someone was again answering the phone. And Dr. Norman was seen coming and going from the clinic.

On March 26, the Alabama Department of Health filed a civil complaint against the clinic, which, according to the complaint, continued to offer “abortion services to the public without a license.”

In response, the lawyer for Norman made an unexpected defense. Scott Morro told The Birmingham News that so long as Norman performs fewer than 30 abortions a month, the clinic doesn’t need a license. Brian Hale, deputy general counsel for the ADPH, said that the issue will have to be settled in court.

At the time of this writing, the website for the New Woman Clinic is still advertising abortions. Presumably, so long as the clinic owner can find a loophole in the law to keep from being regulated, they will continue. If there is another medication error, Bruce Norman or whoever else is minding the sedated patient will have to call an ambulance and take her out the back door and through the alley.

Read the full text of this excellent article by clicking here.

Texas teen’s right to not abort protected by family court judge

loving handsThe TEXAN reports:

HOUSTON—A judge on Monday (Feb. 18) granted an injunction against the parents of a pregnant teen who alleged they were forcing her through intimidation and threats of violence to have an abortion. Stephen Casey, an attorney representing the 16-year-old girl, said she and the teenage father of the baby are both relieved by the decision of Judge James Lombardino of the 308th Harris County Family Court that frees her to carry the pregnancy to term without coercion from her parents.

“We are very proud of our teenage client for being strong enough to stand against her parents to save her unborn child’s life,” said Greg Terra in a press release issued by the Texas Center for Defense of Life. Terra and Casey, founders of the Texas organization, represented the girl known in court documents as R.E.K.

Taking the Roe vs. Wade decision and “turning it on its head” as he put it, Casey argued the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand also provides women the right to choose life for their unborn babies. A 1979 case, Bellotti vs. Baird, gave minors the right to choose abortion or life.

Casey admits there is an irony in using the 1972 abortion case to champion a pro-life cause. But he likened the situation to David’s defeat of Goliath.

“It was Goliath’s sword. It wasn’t something David crafted. He used what was there,” Casey told the TEXAN.

A family member of the teenage father sought legal assistance for R.E.K. after discovering she was being pressured by her parents to terminate the pregnancy. Court documents reveal a contentious relationship erupted between R.E.K. following the discovery of her pregnancy by her parents in mid-January. The teen’s mom reportedly suggested slipping an abortion pill into a drink for her daughter. On Feb. 8, according to court documents, the teen’s father sent her a text message telling her she “needs an a–whoopin’.”

Casey obtained a temporary restraining order against the parents Feb. 12. The case for the injunction was heard Monday afternoon.

“[Her parents] agreed not to coerce her to have an abortion for the duration of her pregnancy,” Casey said following the hearing.

Read the full article by clicking here.

Learn more about the Texas Center for Defense of Life by clicking here.

NAACP threatens black pro-life advocate with lawsuit

Ryan BombergerReligion Today reports:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has threatened to sue a black man for, in his words, “trying to save black babies,” WORLD News Service reports. But Ryan Bomberger, a child conceived in rape and now the chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation, isn’t bowing to the pressure. In fact, just the opposite: Bomberger filed his own lawsuit against the historic civil rights organization.

“It is ironic that a black man is being sued by the nation’s oldest civil rights group for exercising his most basic civil right — the freedom of speech,” said Bomberger, who often refers to the organization as the “National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.” In addition to filing the lawsuit, he also called the NAACP’s priorities into question. “Our inner cities are crumbling, two-parent married families barely exist, 72.3 percent of our children are born into homes without fathers, and the NAACP wants to silence me for pointing out its support of abortion,” he said.

According to Bomberger, 60 percent of viable black pregnancies end in aborting in New York City, the home of NARAL and Planned Parenthood — meaning more black babies are aborted in the New York City area than are born alive.

Bomberger, an adoptee and adoptive father, created the website as a public ad campaign to “expose the eugenic racism that gave birth to Planned Parenthood and the tragic alliance that exists between the nation’s oldest civil rights group and the nation’s abortion giant.” He said on his website: “The Radiance Foundation has no intentions of being silenced by those who disagree with the facts.”

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