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What Every Church Member Should Know about Poverty

Bill Ehlig, Ruby K. Payne

what every church member know povertyTo help individuals and communities overcome poverty, you first must understand poverty. Then you must have a systematic approach that helps people create a stable foundation for holistic life progress.

Bill Ehlig of Missouri Street Church of Christ in Baytown, Texas, provides a church leader’s perspective on Ruby Payne’s foundational insights into the mindset of people in poverty and how to help them see a path forward to a better life. The result is a book that will help church members enter truly redemptive relationships with people in need.

Ruby Payne‘s model calls for cooperation and collaboration across all sectors of a community to address the root causes of poverty, support individuals as they build resources, and achieve a sustainable community where everyone can live well.

Based on research based into the causes of economic class, this practical, non-political approach provides a practical model to address poverty at the individual, institutional, and community levels. By building relationships of mutual respect between and among people in different life circumstances, the model encourages knowledge sharing and innovation in a systemic approach to building resources in all aspects of daily life. Strategies that work are developed, and individuals embed them into their daily routines.

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‘The greatest resource for the work of justice here and now’

Crouch Playing GodAn excellent quote on Kingdom justice from Andy Crouch‘s new book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power:

The Christian hope is not for a gradually improving world any more than it is for a fountain of youth. But Christian hope overcomes the forces of despair and decay in the midst of this world, and provides foretastes of the coming kingdom …. Hope for a life beyond this life, and a world of shalom beyond this world of injustice, is the greatest resource for the work of justice here and now. Christian hope for a world made new is not an alternative to doing justice—it is the most essential resource for it.

You’ll want to check out the excellent insights on “the dynamics of power that either can make human flourishing possible or can destroy the image of God in people.”

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Believing is only the beginning

UnfinishedRichChristians, says Richard Stearns, have everything they need to finish Jesus’ mission — except the willpower.

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Some Christian leaders contend that we are divided and ineffective in our witness because the Western world has turned against us and the church has abandoned the truth of the gospel. Others see a hostile, hurting world and blame the church for failing in compassion for the kind of sinners Jesus joined for dinner.

And then there’s Richard Stearns, president of World Vision and a former corporate CEO, who faults the church for a lack of will to finish the mission Jesus left behind for us. Following up on his successful first book, The Hole in Our Gospel, Stearns observes in Unfinished: Believing Is Only the Beginning that “affluent, comfortable, and distracted” Christians no longer burn with passion to change the world. Yet we still want to know our lives matter. We want to know we’re living out God’s purpose for us. We don’t want to confine our Christianity to Sunday morning. Stearns seeks to reinvigorate our Christianity with zeal to resume the revolution launched by Jesus so we can storm the very gates of hell.

… He challenges every one of us to consider whether we’ve really taken up our cross and followed Jesus in obedience to his command. Stearns reminds us that Jesus promised we would find abundant life only when we give it up. This book includes some of the best, clearest advice I’ve seen on how to do this, especially for younger Christians who itch to serve God in radical ways.

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